Fashion exists to express, to be a canvas on which we create an identity, a fabric to make our personalities physical. But no one really talks about how the time we spend sketching and testing versions of ourselves can be lonely, even isolating, and being an individual shouldn’t have to mean being alone.

Loneliness is an epidemic in the 21st century, as is mental health. But the conversation about these interlinking topics is far too quiet. So we’re making our fashion about community as much as its about expression, because community can fight isolation, community can make the conversation much, much louder.

In Grey Matter, no one is forgotten. We’re a collective, but more importantly we’re a community like no other. We’re artists, we’re filmmakers, we’re creators sharing stories to weave our message into media as well as fabric. The message that recognises there’s an issue, that there's a struggle, that help is out there, that help is here.

We donate a quarter of our annual net profits to the Mental Health charities CALM and Mind. We also heavily reinvest back into creating helpful content for our community.

Wear to be aware.